Journalistic Prowess Elevates Features for Blue Chip companies

Our work: Our writers are specialists in the various areas that Reuters required, having worked as senior journalists for many years with some of the world’s biggest organisations. We quickly grasped the intentions of the briefs to deliver approachable, unpretentious and engaging content.

Results: The client was so delighted with our work that Reuters asked Momo to set up a longer-term collaboration to work on various projects, as they landed.


Specialist Content Writing

  • Brief

    To produce featured content for sponsored by external companies. Reuters approached Momo to work with them writing and editing features, interviews and other forms of written content for their client.

  • Challenge

    Distilling complex business topics into a clear and appealing piece of writing. We needed to speak to the audience and be understandable. This requires skill and knowledge of the subject matter plus years of writing experience.

  • Client


Got a project?

Got a project?

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