Innovative Branding Propels Company’s Vision of Sustainability

Our work: With thoughtful consideration of the business’ main target market and USP paired with frequent conversations with the client about their wants and needs, Momo were able to sculpt a striking brand from the ground up. We successfully identified the key activities and value proposition of a yet-to-be-launched company, and developed a clear and strong brand message to highlight this. We conducted thorough industry research and used our own expertise to examine what potential clients would be attracted to. Ultimately, we provided an all encompassing branding package to stand out in the sector. 

The Results: We produced branding and a business deck that “exceeded all expectations,” according to the client. Following this, the client asked us to design and develop their website and promotional materials.


Branding & Web Design

  • Brief

    To develop Unimetals company narrative and branding to reflect the young company’s aims, objectives and core values. This was then to be applied across their business deck and website design.

  • Challenge

    It can be complex for companies at an early stage of their development to communicate their business aims with clarity. Momo’s multidisciplinary team set about to achieve this from scratch for this environmentally conscious, metal recycling start-up.

  • Client


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