Revamped Branding & SEO Refresh Visibility for Community-Centred Biochar Projects

Our work: Our team began with redefining Alcom Carbon Markets’ visual identity before diving into the website overhaul. We initiated a brand refresh process, engaging in detailed discussions with the company’s owners to identify their unique selling points (USPs) and company objectives. While preserving the core brand palette and original logo, we introduced a more cohesive and visually striking brand identity. Additionally, we designed new icons to align with the company’s ethos, drawing inspiration from their existing logo.

Alongside, we carefully planned for SEO optimisation within the framework of the existing website structure. This approach involved not only refreshing the branding but also incorporating an entirely new SEO strategy. All of this needed to be accomplished within a tight deadline to coincide with a significant industry partnership announcement, which would generate increased traffic to the ACM website.

The Results: The result of our efforts was a transformed website that seamlessly integrated the refreshed branding and new SEO strategy. We ensured consistency by updating the core company deck in alignment with the refreshed branding, solidifying Alcom Carbon Markets’ new image and positioning them for continued success in the industry.The website now boasts enhanced visibility and an engaging user experience. You can view the final result at Alcom Carbon Markets.


Branding & Web Design, Digital Marketing & SEO

  • Brief

    Alcom Carbon Markets approached us with the goal of enhancing their online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. Their primary focus was to update their website, align it with their core values, and improve brand visibility.

  • Challenge

    It was important that we effectively communicated the unique objectives of Alcom Carbon Markets and equally highlighted their environmental sustainability focus. As experts in the field, Momo was entrusted with the task of revamping their brand identity and website.

  • Client

    Alcom Carbon Markets

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