Comprehensive Launch Successfully Executed For Specialist Commodities Podcast

Our work:

Our team began by developing a distinctive visual identity and branding for The Green Steel Challenge podcast from scratch and with speed to ensure a unique and recognisable image amid a crowded market. We next shaped the narrative of the podcast, working on content curation and production to maintain a high-quality and engaging podcast series. In tandem the team designed, built, and launched the podcast website. We also implemented a social media build-up strategy and executed a PR push to generate anticipation and awareness before the release.
Finally we conducted internal communications with speakers and involved companies to ensure a cohesive launch strategy in our PR press release. Alongside we managed social media channels for ongoing engagement and executed post-release PR efforts to maintain momentum. The digital team continue to manage the project.


Branding & Web Design, Social Media Management, Strategic Communications

  • Brief

    The Green Steel Podcast, initiated by The Willy Korf Foundation in collaboration with Kallanish Commodities, required a rapid and effective strategy for the launch and promotion of their podcast. The project involved creating a visual identity, shaping the podcast's narrative, developing a digital strategy for pre-release, and executing PR efforts. The primary goals were to establish a strong brand presence, ensure a successful launch, and drive sustained engagement.

  • Challenge

    With a tight timeline, the challenge was to take an initial concept, title, and collection of podcast recordings and work quickly to collaborate with the producer and partners towards a successful release. The strategy encompassed visual identity creation, content production, website build, release strategy, PR and impactful social media launch.

  • Client

    Willy Korf Foundation & Kallanish Commodities

Achieved 605 downloads within 2 weeks of launch

Listeners tuned from around the world including Australia, India, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey and United States

A successful launch and sustained engagement, positioning The Green Steel Challenge for continued growth in their target audience.

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