Concise & Comprehensive Content Ensures Startup’s Visibility in Busy Sector

Our work: We paired frequent communication with the client, industry knowledge and the original brief outline to provide a comprehensive and inspiring portrait of the company’s experience, services and vision.

The Results: Momo crafted a business deck that successfully harnessed and underpinned the values of the young company and went on to form a basis for the content required in the develop of the Unimetals website.


Specialist Content Writing

  • Brief

    To produce a clear and understandable script to use on the business deck and subsequently develop as content on both the companies website and social media.

  • Challenge

    To ensure technical information was conveyed in an understandable and clear manner. Being a start-up in a busy market, it was essential that content stood out from existing competitors and offered something new to the client.

  • Client


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