Impact Project Launches Access to Sustainable Energy Services for Poorest Communities

Our Work: We created and distributed the press release promoting the auction, and also worked directly with C-Quest Capital on a series of blog posts. Our writer interviewed key figures within C-Quest’s organisation and produced the blog posts on their behalf. Momo also secured an interview for C-Quest on a channel (Climate Transformed) dedicated to climate topics to further promote the event as well as discuss the company’s work more broadly. 

Results: This fast-turnaround project was successfully received by both C-Quest Capital as well as our long-standing client ACX who agreed for us to be outsourced for this purpose.



Strategic Communications, Specialist Content Writing

  • Brief

    Promote C-Quest Capital's upcoming auction of 300,000 carbon credits- in partnership with AirCarbon Exchange (ACX). The Lighting a Better Future project ensured millions of inefficient fluorescent bulbs were switched for efficient LEDs - allowing families across rural India better light at home, children sufficiently lit environments to learn and by extension, entire communities to benefit.

  • Challenge

    Working with a new partner at speed and having to quickly familiarise ourselves with the unfamiliar venture, whilst still providing high quality and actionable content.

  • Client

    C-Quest Capital

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