Tribute Paid to Iconic Publication with Striking Creative Short

Our Work: Finding the correct format that produced the required effect was essential. The Momo crew had fun filming the hypnotic process at night and additionally interviewed staff members too, just in case the client decided to include these interviews alongside. Our video editor then produced a video that captured the process, from beginning to end, in just a few minutes, in an edit full of impressive and mesmerising images.

Results: A slick and stylish documentary short that lets the quality footage do the talking. It elegantly showcases the printing process in all its hypnotic glory.


Photography & Videography

  • Brief

    To create an engaging video showcasing the printing process of the iconic pink paper.

  • Challenge

    There was no specific video format selected to produce this video. It could have been a film focused on interviews with staff, include a voiceover or have been produced in a documentary style.

  • Client

    The Financial Times

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