Energy Company’s Launch Reported Widely Across Leading Publications

Our Work: We mindfully crafted press releases which stressed the importance of the formation of the new company and put it in the context of the energy market trends and policy shifts. Ahead of the initial press release, we researched and selected the key timing that would be most appropriate and have the greatest impact. We identified the right journalists at the publications that aligned with our client’s target list. We engaged in active conversations with these key journalists to ensure they conveyed the message as the client desired.  

As well as the launch itself, we have subsequently worked with ASE on press releases on an ad hoc basis, including those for when the company received investment from CarVal Investors and also when the group expanded into the US with AMPYR USA. On every occasion, we have adjusted our media distribution list to best reflect the client’s target publications, including geographical considerations, and achieved a high hit rate of where those press releases have been written up.

Results: Our launch hit 75% of the ‘dream list’ of target media produced by the client and was very widely written up, including in the major sector publications such as Bloomberg, The Times, Reuters, Platts and Argus as well as within the pension fund and institutional investor publications that ASE wanted to appeal to as the company is ultimately seeking investors for it to deploy capital into solar projects across northwest Europe and deliver a healthy return to them. The client was so pleased with the results that he recommended us to various other contacts. As a result of this work, the client was so pleased that they retained us for future media relations and announcements. 


Strategic Communications

  • Brief

    To create noise around the media launch of AMPYR by generating and distributing press releases alongside strategy to introduce this newly-formed company to the media. This also involved a media call which was actively attended by the key journalists covering the sector.

  • Challenge

    With thousands of energy companies out there, and the top-level media tending to focus on large or listed companies, the challenge was to communicate clearly and convincingly. We needed to convey the importance of this particular news story to journalists at the top media outlets, as well as those working at specialist publications, in a very competitive space.

  • Client

    AMPYR Solar Europe



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of media targets

Coverage in:
The Times & Bloomberg 

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