Online Trading Pioneers Strengthen Social Media Following

Our work: After undertaking in depth industry research, we collaborated with the inhouse marketing team to generate a rolling, yet flexible content strategy that provided regular, dynamic and topical posts that shared insights, news, services, events and team activity optimally per market. We created regularly scheduled video and educational content utilising Momo’s network of internationally recognised journalists, to cement the company’s authority in the space. We also showcased the press mentions regularly gained by the company via Momo’s parallel work on ActivTrades Strategic Communications to highlight the company’s achievements globally.

Results: Momo created a strong, strategic basis and content framework via which the inhouse team at ActivTrades could continue to work to successfully grow their following across European channels. We generated a triple digit following boost within one week, introduced short-form video content from professional broadcaster anchors and active traders and ensured a regular schedule was established.


Social Media Management

  • Brief

    European social media strategization and account management across multiple platforms to boast following and engagement.

  • Challenge

    Financial content is by nature of the constantly moving market, quickly outdated. Momo’s main challenge was to design a strategy that incorporated valuable, market specific and engaging content to a tight daily timeframe.

  • Client


Follower increase, first month: +150% on Facebook, +147% on Instagram, +79.1% on LinkedIn

Reach increase, first month: +77.8% on Facebook, +50.7% on Instagram

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